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Ligon Industries, LLC


Ligon is a cash buyer that buys companies to hold for the long-term; we do not have a private equity portfolio mentality. Ligon is known for quick and efficient acquisitions. Our management team has over 85 years of combined experience acquiring and managing manufacturing companies. This experience allows us to ascertain very quickly if a fit exists. We have never failed to close a transaction after signing a letter of intent, usually within 30 days of doing so.

Acquisitions History

Company Name Location Date Acquired
Thompson Fabricating Birmingham, AL 04/30/1999
Harmony Castings Harmony, PA 07/30/1999
Fisher Hydraulics Laurens, IA 05/31/2000
Great Bend Industries Great Bend, KS 12/31/2001
Seabee Corporation Hampton, IA 12/31/2001
TPi-Arcade, Inc. Arcade, NY 07/26/2002
HDM Hydraulics Buffalo, NY 09/30/2003
Ramrod Industries Spencer, WI 02/28/2005
Premier Aluminum Racine, WI 07/31/2006
Watry Industries Sheboygan, WI 07/31/2007
Stahl Specialty Company Kingsville, MO 12/31/2010
Energy Mfg. Co., Inc. Monticello, IA 04/30/2013
Alcast Company Peoria, IL 09/30/2021
Aluminum Castings Company Galesburg, IL 09/30/2021
Voss Pattern, LLC Davenport, IA 09/30/2021