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Company formed in January 1999


Ligon Industries, LLC along with its affiliates Ligon Capital, LLC and Ligon Holdings, LLC (“Ligon”) is a Birmingham, Alabama based privately owned manufacturing company formed in January 1999. Today Ligon is the largest independent manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in North America, is a significant supplier of high definition aluminum castings, and is a major Southeastern manufacturer of aluminum products for the wastewater treatment and commercial construction industries. Its fifteen independent companies are committed to providing the highest quality product at the lowest cost to our diverse customer base.

What We Do

Ligon is a cash buyer that buys companies to hold for the long-term; we do not have a private equity portfolio mentality. Ligon is known for quick and efficient acquisitions. Our management team has over 85 years of combined experience acquiring and managing manufacturing companies. This experience allows us to ascertain very quickly if a fit exists. We have never failed to close a transaction after signing a letter of intent, usually within 30 days of doing so.



Ligon Industries is committed to being good citizens, business partners and employers. Don’t waste time waiting for a response — call us today for the highest quality product and fast solutions.