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Acquisition Criteria

Target size:

  • Transaction value between $10 million and $100 million
  • Sales volume between $25 million and $250 million
  • Add-on acquisition to an existing business of any size

Business characteristics:

  • Manufacturing-based
  • Mature, proven products with strong market positions
  • Operations based in North America
  • Turnarounds are desirable
  • Low or modest product liability exposure
  • No low cost/high volume foreign competition
  • Diverse customer base

Industries of particular interest:

  • Hydraulic fluid cylinder manufacturers
  • “Smoke-stack” manufacturing companies
  • Foundries
  • Metal processing
  • Metals fabrication

Industries of no interest:

  • Any non-manufacturing industry
  • High tech manufacturing or products
  • Automotive OEM supply

Deal structure:

  • 100% ownership (at least significant control position)
  • All cash transaction